Katelyn and James' Wedding at Chapel Dulcinea in Dripping Springs, TX

August 07, 2017  •  2 Comments

What a treat it was for us to be part of Katelyn and James' wedding!  Katelyn and James were referred to us by her sister, Courtney.  We took Courtney and Ryan's wedding pictures two years ago.  Katelyn told us that, as soon as she started planning her wedding, Courtney told her that she needed to contact Smith Photography.  Elena and I were so touched that Courtney and Ryan trusted us enough to recommend us to their family.  That means so much to us!  And, one of the things we looked forward to the most at Katelyn and James' wedding was seeing Courtney and Ryan again!


Katelyn and James' wedding was a blend of American and Fijian traditions.  James wore traditional Fijian clothes and it was super interesting to learn about the costume.  The costume was actually made of tree bark that was hand pounded until it was as thin as paper.  Then intricate designs and patterns were drawn all over the clothing, each design carrying a special meaning.  I was so fascinated watching the preparation process that I had to remind myself several times to take pictures.  :-)  There was even some traditional clothing for Katelyn to wear at certain points during the evening.


Katelyn and James decided to do a first look.  They are so cute and Chapel Dulcinea is such a picturesque location.  The pictures were beautiful!  We had plenty of time for family pictures before the ceremony.  Because we got so much done early in the day, everyone was able to go directly from the ceremony to the reception.  Katelyn and James' reception was a fun celebration with just their closest friends and family.  We love intimate weddings and how cozy and personal they feel.  Katelyn and James left at the end of the night through a cloud of bubbles!


Thank you, Katelyn and James, for taking Courtney's advice and calling us.  We are so happy that ya'll included us in your celebration!  We wish you many years of love together!

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Beautiful wedding photos. Nice venue and beautiful wedding outfit.
Very beautiful photography!
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