Bernaddette and Sean's Wedding in Sage Hall at Texas Old Town in Kyle, TX

June 09, 2017  •  2 Comments

Bernaddette and Sean are so much fun!  We just don't know any other way to describe them.  Meeting them at the Texas Old Town bridal fair was fun.  Their engagement session was fun.  And, their wedding didn't was fun from start to end!  Apparently, there was even lots of fun the night before, but we weren't there for that.  :-)  The entire day was beautiful!  Bernaddette and Sean did such a great job planning their wedding and decorating everything.


Bernaddette and Sean had a big bridal party.  We had plenty of time before the ceremony to take pictures of guys and girls separately.  After their beautiful ceremony, we spent a few minutes with family and then had time to take pictures of Bernaddette and Sean together.  They are so cute and so nice!  We love spending time with them...and we love the results!  Their pictures are beautiful.  


Everybody at Bernaddette and Sean's reception had a great time!  Dinner was really, really good.  The toasts were very touching and funny.  There was Nothing Bundt Cake!  That immediately makes any reception better.  Once all of the official stuff was done, Bernaddette and Sean spent the rest of the evening laughing and dancing with their friends and family!  


Bernaddette and Sean, thank you so much for sharing your day with us.  Thank you for letting us have fun with you!  We wish you both many years of love and happiness together!


Jean Liburd(non-registered)
It was such a beautiful and fun wedding. Wishing you both the very best❤️
Ruby Camarillo(non-registered)
What a lovely wedding. You all look so beautiful. Congratulations God bless your union. Continued blessing to all of you.
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