Kylie and Enedino's Wedding at The Milestone in Georgetown, TX

December 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Every once in a while we have someone contact us about a wedding that is right around the corner.  Most of the time we're already booked.  But, sometimes we get lucky...and Kylie and Enedino's wedding was one of those times.  We weren't just lucky that we were available on the date of their wedding.  We were doubly lucky that we got to spend a fantastic day with such a nice and kind couple!  Kylie and Enedino were so sweet and laid back all day and we have really come to appreciate couples like that!  Kylie and Enedino came to us by way of recommendation from a previous couple (thank you Jacob and Karli) and we're always so thankful that our previous couples are willing to recommend us their friends.


It was a little cool on Kylie and Enedino's wedding day.  Okay, maybe that's not 100% true.  It was freezing cold!!!  They decided to have their ceremony inside (a great idea), but Kylie and Enedino decided to brave the cold for a few minutes for their first look and pictures of the two of them together (another great idea).  Their pictures are so cute and we were so thankful that they were willing to be cold with us for a few minutes.  Because they did a first look, we were able to get almost all of Kylie and Enedino's family pictures done before the wedding.  After their ceremony, they had lots of time to enjoy dinner and celebrate with their friends and family.  All of the food, by the way, was amazing!  We had such a great time watching Kylie and Enedino laugh and dance with their guests.


Kylie and Enedino, thank you so much for sharing your day with us.  We wish you many, many years of love and happiness together!


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