Jenna and Jason's Wedding at Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, TX

December 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What a fantastic celebration!  Jenna and Jason are such a fun couple (...oh...and really cute) and their wedding was a perfect reflection of their personalities.  There wasn't a dull moment the entire evening!


Jenna and Jason didn't initially intend on doing a first look.  However, the weather on their big day wasn't cooperating.  They made the very, very wise decision to go ahead and see each other at Lone Oak Barn before heading to the church for their ceremony.  We are so glad they decided to do a first look because it started raining about 45minutes later and rained for the rest of the day.  Every picture we took of Jenna and Jason was just so cute!  Their personalities are both so sweet and when you put the two of them's just a cuteness overload!  We love happy couples and Jenna and Jason just smiled and laughed (and made us smile and laugh) the entire day.


Jenna and Jason's ceremony was beautiful.  After the ceremony and some family pictures, we made our way back to Lone Oak Barn for their reception.  The venue they chose was just awesome!  This was our first time to Lone Oak Barn and we were so impressed with how beautiful it was!  The newlyweds set the tone from their very first introduction...Jenna carried Jason into the reception hall on her back!!!  Hands down, the most creative entrance we've seen!  From that point on, it was a non-stop party.  At the end of the night, Jason put Jenna on his back and they made their way to the get-away car as their friends and family cheered.


Thank you, Jenna and Jason, for letting us be part of your day!  Elena and I had such a wonderful time and are so thankful that you let us spend such a fun evening with you.  We wish you both many, many years of love and happiness!


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