Jill and Curt's Wedding at the TFWC Mansion in Austin, TX

December 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Jill and Curt's wedding was just about perfect!  Two super sweet people, one of our favorite venues, and Simon Lee cake.  It doesn't get much better!  Jill and Curt are both so kind.  Elena and I loved spending the day with them and are so pleased with their pictures!


The weather didn't exactly cooperate on the day of Jill and Curt's wedding.  It was rainy and cold and cloudy.  But, that is why you choose a venue like The TFWC Mansion in downtown Austin.  There were all kinds of cool places for pictures inside.  Jill and Curt decided to do a first look and we loved the moment when she came down the stairway behind Curt.  It was beautiful!  We spent a few minutes with the two of them taking some really cute pictures in different parts of The Mansion.  All of their pictures are so great!  When we finished with Jill and Curt's pictures, we had time to get lots of family pictures done before the ceremony.  It was so nice to get so much done early in the day.  After Jill and Curt's beautiful ceremony, we just needed a few minutes for a few more pictures and then it was off to the reception.


From the time they walked in, Jill and Curt's reception was a party!  Friends and family danced all evening.  And...of course...there was Simon Lee cake.  We didn't know it was Simon Lee before we tried it (although Elena and I both noticed that the cake looked really fresh and smelled great).  Once we put the first piece of the cake in our mouths, we knew it was the best cake in Austin!  Jill and Curt left under an arch of sparklers and tons of cheers from the crowd.


Jill and Curt, thank you for allowing us to spend the day with you.  You are such a wonderful couple and we wish you many years of happiness together!  

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