Denisse and Cesar's Wedding in Redbud Hall at Texas Old Town in Kyle, TX

November 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Denisse and Cesar are so cute!  You can't help but smile and laugh when you are around them.  Denisse has such a bubbly, out-going personality.  She loves to laugh and enjoy life!  And Cesar is the perfect match for her.  At first glance, it seems like Cesar is a quiet, very serious man.  But, the more you get to know him, the more you find out what a kind soul he has and how funny and friendly he is.  Spending a day with Denisse and Cesar was such a joy!


Denisse and Cesar's wedding was very simple.  No bridesmaids, no groomsmen, not hundreds of guests.  Just two people who love each other very much sharing such a wonderful moment with their closest friends and family.  The weather was just perfect and the ceremony site at Redbud Hall was a beautiful place for their ceremony.  Once everything was official, we spent a few minutes taking pictures with friends and family.  Then we had Denisse and Cesar all to ourselves for some pictures.  We did their engagement session just a few weeks before the wedding so we already knew how easy it was to take pictures of them.  Taking pictures of Denisse and Cesar on their wedding day was even easier.  Denisse was so beautiful in her dress and Cesar looked really nice in his suit.  Their pictures are so cute!


Denisse and Cesar's reception was awesome!  The newlyweds were brought into the hall by a great mariachi group.  We always love mariachis at a wedding reception.  Their music always creates such a festive atmosphere.  While there might have been a bit of a delay for dinner, once everything was ready it was so, so good!  And another example of how kind Denisse and Cesar are, they decided to sit at a table with some of their guests to eat dinner instead of by themselves.  And on top of that, they invited Elena and I to sit at their table with them during dinner.  We gladly accepted and were so touched by their kindness.  There was cake, there was dancing...there was a coffee truck!  What a cool idea!  Lucky Lab Coffee stopped by and provided everyone with some really tasty hot drinks.  In short, Denisse and Cesar had a fantastic reception and we were so glad we could be a part of it!


Thank you, Denisse and Cesar, for being so kind, so funny, so friendly,!  We had a wonderful time with you both and wish you many, many years together with love, happiness, and a great rosemary sweet cream latte!



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