Lindsay and Michael's Wedding at Texas Old Town

May 09, 2014

Lindsay and Michael's Wedding Slideshow Once again, Texas Old Town proved why it is one of the best wedding venues in Central Texas!  When Elena and I arrived at Stone Hall (the most beautiful hall out there, in our opinion), all of the chairs were set up outside in front of the waterfall for the ceremony.  Unfortunately, the weather had some different ideas.  The first line of rain moved through and we thought we might have a chance at doing the wedding outside.  The second (and longer) line of rain nixed that idea.  But, because Texas Old Town has such spacious halls, Lindsay and Michael were able to just move the ceremony inside...and the ceremony was beautiful!  Once the ceremony was over, it was time for family pictures.  Guess what the weather looked like.  Of rain and the sun was coming out.  So, we were happy to be able to do family pictures outside.


Lindsay and Michael's wedding was so classy.  Lindsay's dress was beautiful (and she looked beautiful in it).  All of the bridesmaids looked great.  The guys looked dapper in their tuxes.  The floral arrangements were some of the most beautiful we have seen!  Dinner...your choice of salmon or rib-eye provided by our FAVORITE caterer, Werner's.  When we finally got to eat, we were so excited to sit down with a great piece of salmon.  Cake...Simon Lee (you all know how important the cake is to me and Simon Lee cakes are the best I've ever eaten).  I was in wedding heaven.  The evening almost ended in disaster though.  When we got a few minutes to get a drink of water, I tried to find a piece of cake.  There was no cake to be found anywhere!  I started to get dizzy for a second and my eyes got a bit blurry at the thought of not getting any Simon Lee cake.  Luckily, a waiter was carrying three uneaten pieces of cake back into the kitchen.  I asked him if there was any more cake and he offered me one of the pieces he was carrying.  Whew!  And, it was so, so good!!!


Lindsay and Michael's Bridal Slideshow We had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsay and Michael just a few days after their wedding to do another photo shoot.  This is such a great idea and we wish more people would consider doing this.  Lindsay and Michael decided to do a photo session after their wedding with Lindsay in her dress and Michael in his tux.  We met back out at Stone Hall and had as much time as we wanted to get just the pictures we wanted.  Instead of having to rush through a bunch of bride and groom pictures on the wedding day, Lindsay and Michael made the very wise decision of planning an entire separate shoot for their pictures.  And, the results were (in our opinion) spectacular!  


Elena and I had a wonderful time with Lindsay and Michael.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be such a big part of your wedding day!  Congratulations again on your wedding!