Compare us to other photographers and you will see why we have become one of the most popular wedding photographers in Central Texas in such a short period of time.  Nothing is hidden about what we do, how much we charge, or what is included in your wedding package.  There's no need to call us to get the "special package price".  Between our portfolio, our online package prices, and our Wedding Wire reviews, we want you to be able to know as much about us as possible before you ever send us an e-mail or give us a call.  


When your pictures are ready, you will LOVE the results!  And, every package includes the print rights to your pictures.  These are YOUR pictures!  You shouldn't have to ask our permission to print a 5 x 7 for your desk at work.  Your mother shouldn't have to pay us $30 to print an 8 x 10 for her living room wall.  We want you and your friends and family to be able to enjoy your pictures without having to worry about the photographer asking for more money for prints.


Last but not least, you will love working with us!  We work hard before your wedding to make sure that all of the photography details are taken care of.  If you want engagement or bridal pictures, we try our best to schedule those at a time that is convenient for you.  We work hard on the day of your wedding, too.  We are always looking for great pictures and eager to help in any way needed.  We do all of this with a great attitude because we love to have fun.  We enjoy life.  We enjoy spending time with couples on their happiest day.  We love our job!

Don't be fooled into thinking that a higher price means better pictures or better service. I guarantee that you will not find better service than what you will receive from us. And, you will absolutely love your pictures!


Elena and I have been married for 17 years.  We have two children and a cute little dog.  We love spending time with our family...especially if fishing poles are involved.  We are proud members of First Baptist Church in Dripping Springs, TX.  We attend every opportunity that we get and love spending time with Christian people learning about God's love for us.

If you are in need of a wedding photographer, we would love to speak with you. Elena and I truly are wedding professionals because, if it's not wedding related, we don't take pictures of it. We don't shoot families or seniors or dogs or head shots. We love spending time with brides and grooms and focus on providing all of our clients with creative, beautiful wedding pictures.