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Tony Smith   Elena Smith
Owner/Principal Photographer   Owner/Principal Photographer

Tony grew up in Texas and has spent most of his life around photography.  His mother was an avid amatuer photographers, always with a camera in her hand taking pictures of people and places around her.  Tony spent his entire childhood and teenage years in front of a piano playing Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin.  However, when he was 19, a different kind of music took him far away from Texas.  The opportunity to start a country band in Kyiv, Ukraine arose and he jumped at the chance.  Tony inherited his mother's love of photography and, during his time in Europe, never went anywhere without a camera in his hand.

When he returned home with his new wife, Tony and Elena started their family and began planning for their future.  Tony completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin, receiving degrees in Russian Language and Studies as well as Political Science.  Convinced that he wanted to teach at the university level, Tony was accepted into the UT PhD program to study Political Science.   While in school, Tony and Elena began taking pictures of proms, little leagues, and military balls.  One day, Elena told Tony that a couple she worked with was getting married and suggested that they take pictures of the wedding.  Reluctantly, Tony agreed to go...and he loved every minuted of it!  Within a week, Tony and Elena had a new business plan.  Tony realized that photography, and especially wedding photography, was really where his heart and passion were.  He withdrew from his PhD studies and received a Masters degree in Political Science from UT.  From that point on, he and Elena focused solely on wedding photography.


Elena was born in Kyiv, Ukraine into a big family, at least by Soviet standards.  She was the youngest of three children and grew up following her sister around (who was twelve years older) and roughhousing with her brother (who was seven years older).  From a very young age, one of Elena's favorite things to do was to spent hours in a homemade darkroom with her sister and brother-in-law developing pictures they had taken around the beautiful city of Kyiv.  It was like magic watching the pictures come to life.  

Years later, film was out.  Digital photos were in.  And Elena still loved to watch the transformation of a raw image into a finished piece of art.  She earned a degree in Electronics, but quickly realized that her true passion was in photography.  Elena received a degree in photo editing from the Kyiv School of Photography with the dream of one day becoming a professional photographer.

While Elena and Tony were dating, neither of them seriously discussed photography with the other.  After they were married and Elena moved to Texas, they discovered their mutual love for photography.  It was a match made in heaven.  When Tony suggested some years later that they try starting a photography business, Elena immediately agreed.


Julia Violano

Principal Photographer


John Moody

Principal Photographer

Julia is the newest member of the Smith Photography team and we are all so glad that she has joined us.  She has the biggest heart and a beautiful smile to go with it!  Julia is genuinely excited about being a wedding photographer!  This isn't just a job for her or a way to make some extra spending money.  She loves everything about weddings and spending the day with a happy bride and groom is just the closest thing to Heaven for her.  Julia's sweet disposition and passion for customer service drives her to be more than just "the girl taking pictures" on the wedding day.  Brides love having her around and she makes taking pictures so much fun!

Julia graduated from North Arizona University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education.  While working on her degree, Julia took several photography courses...and she was hooked!  She completed her degree in education, but she knew that photography was what she really wanted to be doing.  And, it didn't take long for her to find a way into the photography business.  

We are proud to have the opportunity to include Julia as part of our team and are excited for our couples who get to work with her.  It will be an awesome experience!


John joined the Smith Photography team several years ago.  Before turning photography talents to weddings, John was a accomplished and published landscape photographer, producing some of the most stunning and popular images of the last five years.  It wasn't until his experience with the photographers at his own wedding (who just happened to be Tony and Elena) that he knew wedding photography was what he wanted to do.  Since that day, John has devoted himself to learning everything he can about wedding photography with the singular goal of providing couples with the best possible photography experience.  John might be an easy-going nature, soft-spoken guy, but his professionalism and endless quest for photographic perfection ensures that his clients have an experience they will enjoy and receive images they will love!

John married his soulmate, Ashley, three years ago.  They are the perfect couple!  John and Ashley are the proud parents of the cutest little boy this side of Mars.  Luca is such a daddy's boy and loves helping John edit wedding pictures!